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We are a group of experienced music supervisors and music creators. We set new standards in creative music supervision & seamless fuss-free music licensing. The discovery platform for breaking artists... we're making the future happen.


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Whether its searching for music, creating playlists or uploading killer tunes, our system is clean simple and straightforward.


Total Flexibility

We've a range of usage methods to suit. Whether you're providing or using music, you say what you want and how you want it. We provide. Its that simple.


Custom Licensing Matrix

Using our matrix you can set sync license fees on a per-song basis. Pick and choose what channels are available for which songs. Keep your premium music PREMIUM.


Community Support

Above all we are a community of likeminded individuals helping each other along. You'll find the community responsive to almost any query, 24x7... together we're stronger.

From Our Portfolio

The different roles in music licensing

In between music being created and appearing on TV, digital or film there's a few steps along the journey where people need to help it along. For example lets consider advertising. Did you know that during a typical music search for a global brand like Nestle or Kelloggs the number of songs that will be considered is often in the triple figures. Its a multi-stage process of selection, with different roles doing what they do best; Finding new artists, describing the songs and what they'd be good for and finally making intelligent "on-brief" suggestions to the client.

So below to summarise the five major players in the journey of a song from creation to broadcast, we've listed each 'job role' and bit of blurb explaining who they are and what they do. In a typical old school, brick and mortar music company, these will be department heads with teams underneath them.

Music Creator

A&R (Artist and Repertoire)

Catalogue and Review

Creative Supervisor

Client (End of Line)

The Echo Music Manifesto

Leveraging the playing field & providing a viable way for artists to get discovered, brands to license their music with the confidence of dealing with a major label. Founded by artists, we have re-shaped the age old music company paradigm, from executives in skyscraper corner offices, into a model that gives freedom and flexibility of making intelligent and creative music selections and suggestions... and of course getting it in front of the right people.

World-losers & world-forsakers on whom the pale moon gleams; Stand idly by while true beauty remains hidden in the deep

The majority of large non-exclusive music catalogues are overrun with more than they can curate with any degree of quality, while the smaller boutique music agencies are just that... small, and as such unable to provide specialist options in the eleven hundred music genres in current circulation. We have overcome this problem by organising, educating and tasking the music community itself to perform the heavy lifting, on tasks like 'catalogue & review' and 'creative supervision', bringing a better service & a better deal for the artists

About Echo Music

Music licensing, creative supervision, we are the discovery platform for breaking artists. What's different about us? We're a community and as such use crowd-sourcing technology to ensure precision curation of our catalogue. Using an ever evolving vocabulary of music, all our songs are rated and reviewed not just once, but over and over, and by genre specialists. Giving us a highly curated & quickly accessible catalogue.

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